Why should dogs wear clothes?  Well, should they?

Why should dogs wear clothes?  Well, should they?


The answer is yes and no, I bet that surprised you coming from me but that’s the truth.


Older dogs or seniors as they like to be called, need something to keep them warm in winter even if they have thick fur as they are no longer able to regulate their temperatures as they used to be able to do. 


Big dogs don’t normally need to wear clothes in winter to keep warm, unless you’re a greyhound with absolutely no body fat!  Big dogs’ legs are longer therefore their stomachs are far off the ground and they don’t get as cold. But we do all love seeing a dog of any size dressed up, so if you want to dress up your dog, GO FOR IT!


But as for our short legged friends, my dog Portia included, or short haired dog, yes they definitely need a jacket or jumper in winter when heading out.  Their tummies are super close to the cold so need a coat/jumper that cover their sensitive tummies where their fur is shortest.  And as the ground in autumn or winter and is quite wet this also helps to keep them dry and warm. If their fur is short and thin, an extra layer of warmth will be a good idea. Whippets, Greyhounds, Boxers, French Bulldogs, and all of the hairless dog breeds are in this group. And if you keep your dog’s normally thick fur short with grooming. 


Now when it comes to pjs, we ALL love the look of a super cute dog in fluffy pjs all snugged up in their beds.  Some dogs will love pjs, others not so fussed. If you dog sleeps all stretched out at nighttime, then they are warm and trying to cool down.  But if your little bundle of joy curls up like a pussy cat, then they are feeling the cold and trying to reduce how much skin is exposed to keep warm.


I know with Portia on cold nights that she wants her pjs on as she will push her head through them and lift each paw, yes that’s right each of her 4 paws.  But if she’s not feeling it, she will turn her head away.  So, I never push it unless I know it’s going to get freezing overnight.


On the nights in winter when she’s wearing her pyjamas, she sleeps so much sounder, basically like a baby when its swaddled, feeling safe warm and secure


So it’s up to you, clothes  or no clothes let your dog decide and take the lead!