Which type of dog walker are you?

Which type of dog walker are you?

Have you noticed that there are 2 types of people that walk their dogs? Well, there are probably more but these are the 2 I'm going to focus on.

I know that after reading this you are going to really take notice of everyone around you when out walking.

The first type of person is the

  1. Activewear, headphones, brisk walker:  this person is wearing their latest LuLuLemon purchase, all colour co-ordinated with their Beats headphones. They're walking the family dog, usually a large breed, and there is no interaction with the dog.  The big dog is well behaved, trotting along beside his/her owner, with no stops to sniff but the occasional leg lift on a bush while on the go. There's the random call with a friend or checking of their Instagram account and the big sign when they have to pick up the poop.
  2. Comfy clothes, well worn sneakers, dawdler:  this person is up early with their dog and takes them for a walk before work, usually 2walks per day. They quickly throw on some clothes and chat with their dog while they are walking, not caring if anyone hears them.  The conversations are one sided but we all know the pups understand.  The walk can also be called more of a dawdle as the dog is able to stop and sniff and explore their walking trail, checking peemails on the way.  Depending on the pup they are often asked which way they want to walk and respond with a super excited waggly tail.

Now I know this is a a super generalisation and pretty tongue in cheek, but I'm sure you can all think of someone in either category!

So next time you're out walking, hopefully tomorrow, check what the other dog walkers are up to.  Are they a 1 or a 2?


So for now, happy walking, peace, love and sniffs, Lisa and Portia xx

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