About Clothes by Portia

Hi I'm Lisa Chief Designer, CEO and Fur Mum!

From a long as I can remember I've been sewing.  As a child I loved designing the tiniest dolls clothes by hand and then my mum taught me to use the sewing machine. I was hooked!  Sewing is my happy place and I used to design my own clothes too.

Before I got Portia I used to see all these super cute little dogs wearing jackets while out walking so I knew that one day when I had a dog of my own she would be the best dressed in the neighbourhood.  It's been fun designing accessories for her and now creating my own apparel line.  

I have CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) in my right leg and starting in my left.  Luckily my sewing machine doesn't use a foot control but a push button start.  My condition means that some days I might not have slept the night before, or struggle to sit a desk for too long. So for now I'll keep doing this as long as I'm having fun and able to sew.

Life is too short not to be enjoying yourself xx

Portia, Model and Boss

I'm a Shih tzu Lhasa Apso cross, born 26 October 2015  in Dunedin, NZ.  I'm a tzuper model who loves wearing bows, dressing up and also playing in mud, puddles and my sandpit.

People ask if I love wearing clothes and my bows and the answer to that is, HELL YES! If I don't want to wear something I'll turn away from mummy but most of the time I'm more than happy to put a paw up to get dressed up.  On my twice daily walks everyone stops and gives me a pat and tells me how cute I am so, of course I'll keep dressing up, lol.  I also love having my photo taken and will happily pose for pics and I don't even need a treat!

If you want your dog to look as cute as me, you'll see that I'm not a tiny shihtzu but a grand tzu and weigh 10kgs.  I wear a size medium in CBP gear.

My motto is walk, sleep, treat, cuddle, repeat! 

Smoochies P x