Did she really just do that?

cute shih tzu with pigtails wearing striped t-shirt

So it's another day and another confession of a Shih Tzu dog mum!

Is it just me or have you got a stubborn dog too?  On our walks Portia usually choses which way to go.  Yes I know what you're thinking, that's just asking for trouble, but in life she doesn't get many choices so this is hers. 

If I want to walk on the other side of the road, you know for a change, to mix things up a bit, she will pull me over to the side of the road and refuse to move until I cross over.  She is definitely a creature of habit!  And omg you should see what she does if I decide that we don't have time for a long walk.  

We have a long walkway near our house which takes us into the centre of our little town.  She loves this walk as it also takes us along the river and through a small wetlands area.  Definitely lots of awesome peemail to collect here.  When we get to half way along there is a short cut to take us back home again, she'll give me the "look" basically saying "are we going this way today mummy" and if I give the nod.  Holy moly you'd think I had just given her the keys to the treat cupboard (metaphorically of course, I don't actually lock up her treats)

But and I mean a BIG but, if I say no short walk today she'll dig those bloody little heels in and won't move.  I'm sure you can understand what it's like standing and arguing with a 6 year old shih tzu that we "not going this way today".  And the little ratbag knows it frustrates me too.

She's not called a little SHIT TZU for no reason.

Enjoy your wet nose kisses until the next time 


Lisa xx

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