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Clothes By Portia

T-Shirt - Ken

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Stay stylish with this playful Ken t-shirt! IBarbiw will be jealous of this pup-approved design, and the perfect combo of blue, pink, and cream for serious sassy style. The collar and cuffs are crisp white for a classic pop of contrast! Rock the look that says you know how to mix it up.

The Ken t-shirt has white cuffs, a collar, and a striped waistband, all of which are loose-fitting. 

T-shirts are perfect for whenever the weather is just a little bit cool, or for older dogs that need to keep warm.

As this is a t-shirt, not a jacket, it is not as long, please take this into consideration when purchasing. Made in NZ

Available in 4 sizes.  


Extra Small: Length 26cms, Neck 26cms, Chest 40cms

Small: Length 32cms, Neck 30cms, Chest 48cms

Medium: Length 36cms, Neck 40cms, Chest 60cms

Large: Length 50cms, Neck 48cms, Chest 80cms

(sizing is approximate and as they are handmade 2cms allowance to be given)

For size comparison, Portia is almost 12 kgs and wears a medium in all photos.