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Clothes By Portia

T-shirt -Ralph

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Feel rebellious in this Ralph top. Show your true colours with this red tartan that's sure to get you noticed. Get ready for some puppy love in the iconic dog design! Who said style can't be playful?

T-shirts are perfect for Spring, whenever the weather is just a little bit cool, or for older dogs that need to keep warm.

Made in NZ

Available in 5 sizes. 


Extra Small: Length 26cms, Neck 26cms, Chest 40cms

Small: Length 32cms, Neck 30cms, Chest 48cms

Medium: Length 36cms, Neck 40cms, Chest 60cms

Large: Length 50cms, Neck 48cms, Chest 80cms

Extra Large: Length 65cms, Neck 60cms, Chest 90cms


(sizing is approximate and as they are handmade 2cms allowance to be given)

For size comparison, Portia is almost 12 kgs and wears a medium in all photos.